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Do you remember your childhood dreams? Randy Pausch had written his down when he was a boy. They are specific and range from typical male fantasies – playing in the NFL – to ones which later defined his career – being a Disney Imagineer. In his talk and book, “The Last Lecture,” Randy reveals how he worked around the obstacles he faced in pursuit of these dreams, reaching some goals but not others. He viewed a brick wall as a challenge, there for a reason, rather than something that stopped … Continue reading

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And, speaking of friends, the recent death of Randy Pausch touched people across the country who felt they knew him through his video and book,”The Last Lecture.” Randy, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon,understood he was dying from pancreatic cancer and wanted to leave a legacy for his three young children. In the process, his words of wisdom gave all of us inspiration about how to conduct our own lives. Perhaps from his background with numbers and formulae, Randy was able to boil down the complicated process of “Really … Continue reading

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