Do you remember your childhood dreams? Randy Pausch had written his down when he was a boy. They are specific and range from typical male fantasies – playing in the NFL – to ones which later defined his career – being a Disney Imagineer. In his talk and book, “The Last Lecture,” Randy reveals how he worked around the obstacles he faced in pursuit of these dreams, reaching some goals but not others. He viewed a brick wall as a challenge, there for a reason, rather than something that stopped him cold in his tracks.

Take some time now, even in the midst of caring for your family-in-flux, to think about your own childhood aspirations. What were your dreams? Do you still have the same passions or have they changed? How can you move toward achieving your goals now? Likely you will face barriers in reaching them – learn from those obstructions as you continue along your path.

As a Sandwiched Boomer, one of your stumbling blocks may be the lack of time and energy you have to focus on yourself. Caring for children growing up and parents growing older can drain you dry. Vow to replenish yourself so that you can devote some of your strength and enthusiasm to the pursuit of your dreams today.

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