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Summer is Finally Here

Summer in the U.S. officially kicks off with Memorial Day weekend. This year was a little different, with strong bi-partisan support for veterans in the wake of scandals at V.A. hospitals across the country. Over the long weekend, your family may have touched on more serious themes than just how to best barbeque hamburgers and hotdogs – rather, how to protect the vulnerable compatriots we honor. As a country, we need to do more than merely pay tribute to veterans’ sacrifice, respect their bravery and offer our sincere gratitude. It’s … Continue reading

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Last week we touched on the lessons we can take from Veterans Day as we give thanks for the love of our own family members. Now that Thanksgiving is only a few days away, it becomes even more meaningful to express your gratitude for their presence in your life. Here are a few more ways to apply the message of Veterans Day to Thanksgiving. Recognize the importance of revealing the love you have for each other. Those who have been in harm’s way know the meaning of the words, “it’s … Continue reading

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Several people have written in about how complex it is to be asked to care for an aging parent who has been, and continues to be, difficult. One woman expressed her anguish this way, “My mother is now and always has been self-centered and hard to live with. Now she is old and miserable to be around. I don’t want to put my self into that toxic situation.” Another writes about her 83 yr old mother who is a recovering alcoholic. “It is still hard for me – the feelings … Continue reading

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