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First, Bill Clinton was dubbed the “comeback kid” – now it looks like Hillary has earned that title. Just days ago, it was predicted that she might pull out of the primaries unless she had dramatic victories over Obama in Ohio and Texas. Now, with her wins there, she is back in the race, full steam ahead. The Pennsylvania primary, set for April 22, will be the next big contest between them, with Wyoming and Mississippi scheduled for next week. John McCain had also referred to himself, earlier this primary … Continue reading

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The primaries were spread across nearly half the United States in the most wide-open presidential campaign in memory. As the results begin to roll in, the only guarantee is that it will be a long night. Anticipation, speculation and projections abound. The candidates have all worked hard in the coast to coast struggle for delegates and the popular vote. The voting public has been engaged like never before. These are exciting times. Whatever the outcome, my hope is that the promises to bring the country together and focus on the … Continue reading

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