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Diverse Women

Visiting the Veterans Cemetery yesterday to honor our brave servicemen and women, I was struck by the diversity of the names on the graves. Men and women from all kinds of backgrounds had served and died together through the years and are forever joined together in this burial ground. While we continue to struggle today with enriching our country by such diversity – ethnic, gender, religious, social, economic – our troops have already learned that they can count on each other, no matter what their origins are. Nowhere is the … Continue reading

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Teens Helping Each Other

We heard from a reader about a website that supports teen action. Check out www.dosomething.org/abuse, to see a video that’s a response by teenagers to the Rihanna/Chris Brown problem. The media continues to be on top of this issue and a spokeswoman on TV earlier this week sent a clear message to young people – this is about you and you need to separate the issue from the celebrities – look at the bigger picture. Violence is not normal or acceptable and you have to take responsibility for yourself. As … Continue reading

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Respect their Boundaries

Follow these tips to develop a bond with your son-in-law that will grow through the years. As an accepted mother-in-law, you can enjoy the connections with your new family member. Avoid hot button issues like finances, religious observances, and work/home responsibilities. By taking sides, you make it harder for the newlyweds to sort out these issues for themselves. When you have expectations that are not shared by them, recognize that now it’s their turn to make this type of decision. Be available to help when asked but don’t intrude. As … Continue reading

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Obama’s Mother-in-law is Moving In

In this administration, with such a protective mom in chief, one major focus on the home-front will be the first daughters. The goal of these devoted parents is to help the girls find their way in their new environment. And Michelle’s mom is moving in for now, to provide a constant presence and keep the girls grounded. When asked about the relationship with his mother-in-law, the president, among other things, said: “I don’t tell my mother-in-law what to do.” Doesn’t it sound like our new president is off to a … Continue reading

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