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Get Ready to Refresh Your Marriage

If you’re new to this blog, scroll down to Monday and read the post about how to make a good marriage better. There you’ll find practical tips and links to get you off to a good start. And below are a few more ideas that may help: Ask for what you need. No one’s a mind reader. Sometimes, out of frustration or resentment, couples stop talking. Recommit to understanding each other’s anger or disappointment. If you meet halfway, you’ll both get more of what you want. Invest in your own … Continue reading

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How Sandwiched Boomers Can Fight Inertia

This is a continuation of the tips offered on Monday about how to fight inertia. As Sandwiched Boomers with so much on your plate, you may feel overwhelmed and not know where to begin. Take it slow and easy. If some days you can’t follow through with your plans, don’t let frustration sap your enthusiasm. Think about all those New Year’s resolutions you made when you were young and didn’t know better. And then remember the inertia that followed the failure of your short-lived goals. Don’t fall victim to that … Continue reading

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An AARP representative, interviewed on the Today Show, highlighted the financial pressures on the Sandwich Generation – struggling to pay for their kids’ college education and, at the same time, helping support their aging parents. That’s another concrete reason why you may be fighting inertia. Read on for some final tips on getting started again. Make a public commitment to family members who want to see you succeed. By telling others about your intentions, you create a stronger reality that will keep you feeling motivated. Engage friends in your pursuit … Continue reading

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