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Listing Your Assets and Liabilities

Engage in an active process of getting to know your true self and what you want to do. Think about what you would see if you held up a mirror to your inner self. What nurtures your creative thinking? What stimulates your curiosity? What do you really value and care about? What are your dreams and passions? When you can honestly answer these questions for yourself, you can begin to identify what is your life purpose. Only then can you go about achieving it. How would you like to share … Continue reading

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You may not be at the level of Olympic competition in your life as a Sandwiched Boomer, but here are some tips to apply from the athletes as you struggle through the challenge of nurturing yourself as you care for growing children and aging parents. Find your unique passion and cultivate it. There were hundreds of events at the Olympics, each representing a specific activity that athletes had chosen to pursue. They ranged from rhythmic gymnastics to javelin throwing, from fencing to sailing, from synchronized swimming to boxing. What brings … Continue reading

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On the 7th anniversary of terrorists’ attack on our country, Democrats, Republicans and Independents join together to mourn the loss of fellow Americans that terrible day. Both nominees for President will suspend their political campaigning and appear together to honor their countrymen who were killed by terrorists seven years ago today. We too remember their loss on that dreadful day and pay homage to the courageous and heroic actions of rescue personnel who worked tirelessly to save others from dying and later to recover bodies of the dead. We are … Continue reading

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We welcome Amy Sherman, author of “Distress-Free Aging: A Boomer’sGuide to Creating a Fulfilled and Purposeful Life,” to our virtual book tour. Amy, how did this book come about? I developed 10 strategies 29 years ago when I was pregnant with my son and found out I had Crohn’s Disease. The devastating news sent me on a negative spiral of depression and fear. However, after reassessing my situation, I realized that I had a great deal of power over how I could handle this health crisis. It took a lot … Continue reading

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