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100 Blogs to Visit

Have you visited these 100 blogs, named best of the best on the web? Compiled by G34Media.com, they include, among others, blogs about food, travel, humor, social media, finance, celebrities, hobbies, fun, and – in the category of love/sex/dating/relationships – OURS! So, as a reader of Nourishing Relationships and HerMentorCenter, consider yourself in the know about where to go when you surf the web. And come back here often to read more about improving your family relationships as you continue to nurture yourself.

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Happy New Year

Our best wishes to all of our Her Mentor Center and Nourishing Relationships readers for a happy, healthy, fulfilling New Year! Join us again in 2011 as we continue to share our tips for success in nurturing yourself. Learn how these strategies can work for you whether or not you’re a Sandwiched Boomer, challenged by caring for growing children and aging parents. Let our insights and encouragement empower you to reach your goals. To a New Year of growth, meaning and achievements, Rosemary and Phyllis

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How to Get Your Kids Unplugged from TV & Video Games

Even when it is clear what you want to do, how do you begin to separate your kids from their video games and TV? Can you turn their attention to other pursuits? It’s not a simple process, but you can start by talking about why it’s important to reduce your kids’ electronic screen time. Help them see that watching less TV is not a punishment, but rather an important part of their growth. Convince them to buy into the value of unplugging, and you can all brainstorm together about other … Continue reading

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