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The Process of Getting Unplugged from TV and Video Games

Are your frustrated in your efforts to get your kids away from their electronics? You probably know that when you children do become unplugged from the entertainment media, they can more easily connect with the real world around them. But unhooking them is not easy to do. Here are some ways to begin: Be a positive role model. Try not to leave the TV on as a background noise or a distraction. And don’t watch TV yourself just to fill the time. When you watch only a few particular and … Continue reading

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How to Get Your Kids Unplugged from TV & Video Games

Even when it is clear what you want to do, how do you begin to separate your kids from their video games and TV? Can you turn their attention to other pursuits? It’s not a simple process, but you can start by talking about why it’s important to reduce your kids’ electronic screen time. Help them see that watching less TV is not a punishment, but rather an important part of their growth. Convince them to buy into the value of unplugging, and you can all brainstorm together about other … Continue reading

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Getting Children Unplugged from TV & Video Games

Have you noticed that your kids are becoming more attached than ever to television, video games and texting? And the season doesn’t seem to matter. In winter, the shorter daylight hours and long, dark evenings allow less time for outdoor play. During summer, with more free time and fewer structured activities, it’s easy to turn to electronics for stimulation. The latest Nielsen figures indicate that children are watching more TV than ever, with ages 2 to 5 watching over 32 hours a week. While television time for children aged 6 … Continue reading

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