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Guess Who Is Adulting Now

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, this month Millennials have topped 75 million, officially taking over as the largest generation in the country. Making up such a huge group, Millennials are not easy to categorize, although various pundits have tried, labeling them with traits ranging over a full spectrum: narcissistic, altruistic, lazy, innovative, uninvolved, universalistic, distant, connected, egotistic, generous, entitled, idealists. Millennials have faced difficult challenges in the workforce due to a weak economy and soft job market. And often they’ve come into those encounters without experiencing hard knocks and … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day: Tips for Sandwiched Boomers Challenged by a Difficult Mother

Are you dreading Mother’s Day again this year and worrying about what to do for your mom? You may never have been close, or are now estranged and feeling angry. Have you cut the mother-daughter ties and ignore the day, yet remain resentful and sad? Or do you just pretend everything is OK and give her a gift anyway? Even though the media lead us to believe that all mothers deserve flowers and chocolates, if you don’t have a good relationship, this ‘special’ day can be agonizing. The truth is … Continue reading

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