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Michael Jackson: What About the Kids?

Michael Jackson was finally laid to rest last Friday, close to two months after his untimely death. Despite speculation about the end of his life, one of his most important requests has been honored – to secure the future of his children, Prince, Paris and “Blanket.” According to Jackson’s will, his mother would raise them and, early on, the judge did grant her permanent custody. There have been questions about the role of Debbie Rowe, the biological mother of the older two children. Pundits and the public have been busy … Continue reading

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Michael Jackson and the Media Frenzy

The media frenzy around the death of Michael Jackson was polarized, just like his life. From some there were eulogies of love and devotion. From others there was tabloid sensationalism. You wonder if the speculation about what led to his death will ever be put to rest. There’s something wrong when our society sees fame and celebrity as core values. The intensity of the public spotlight can be traumatic in and of itself. And it’s sad that the power to create and destroy is in the hands of pop culture … Continue reading

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On Stage, Michael Jackson Felt Alive

Yes, being on stage made Michael Jackson feel alive. And his love of dancing and singing – obvious to anyone who saw him perform – thrilled his fans. In efforts to savor the memories, fans worldwide have bought more than 9 million of Michael Jackson’s albums since his death. Try to think about what makes you feel alive – especially if you or loved ones are struggling emotionally at this time. Implement some of these ideas and see if they help: Honor your body by noticing what makes you feel … Continue reading

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Michael Jackson and Family Loss

Michael Jackson’s death was a loss to millions but those most affected were his family. If you are struggling with emotional or drug issues, you owe it to your family and yourself to find support. Get the help you need now. Work with an individual therapist or a life coach who will guide your healing as you decide how to move forward. It’s important to develop positive self-regard, confidence and the life skills for this. The therapy should focus on areas like anger management and stress reduction. Stay in treatment … Continue reading

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