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Virtual Book Tour with Karyn L. Freedman

Today we are pleased to host philosopher Karyn L. Freedman on our website, where she’ll be discussing her powerful memoir, One Hour in Paris: A True Story of Rape and Recovery. Her book was voted one of the Globe and Mail’s 100 best books of 2014. At once deeply personal and terrifyingly universal, Freedman weaves together her experience with the latest philosophical and psychological insights on what it means to live in a body that has been traumatized. She draws on recent theories of posttraumatic stress disorder and neuroplasticity to … Continue reading

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Virtual Book Tour with Molly Best Tinsley

Today we are pleased to welcome Molly Best Tinsley, author of Entering the Blue Stone, to our blog. Her book is a beautifully written memoir offering a unique perspective on the challenges she faced during last years of her parents’ lives. Molly’s father, a retired General in the Air Force, and her creative mother had always been larger-than-life figures, but now they were under the influence of disease, dementia and a medical care system. It was up to Molly and her siblings to make the decisions that affected their parents … Continue reading

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After we blogged last month about improving communications with your loved ones, we received a special email from one of our readers, Patrika Vaughn. She has created a tool that can lead to new ways of Sandwiched Boomers talking with family members – an audio book giving you a step-by-step guide to writing your own family history. She has found that writing about past events with your loved ones can give a new perspective on events that may have hardened attitudes between family members. If you would like to learn … Continue reading

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