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Who would have thought eight years ago when he was running for Vice-President on the Democratic ticket that Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman would be giving an impassioned prime-time speech in support of presumptive Presidential nominee John McCain at the Republican convention? Lieberman, transpartisan himself, praised maverick McCain for reaching across the aisle time and again to forge bipartisan accords between Independents, Democrats and Republicans in an effort to improve government for all Americans. Speaking directly to the undecided voters at home, he urged them to support McCain, casting him as … Continue reading

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Presumptive Presidential nominee John McCain has again demonstrated his commitment to put country before party. Concerned about Americans of the Gulf Coast in the path of Hurricane Gustav, he suspended most of the activities of the Republican Convention on Monday. Touring the emergency management center in Mississippi for closed-door briefings before the storm hit, McCain said, “We must redirect our efforts from the really celebratory event of the nomination of president and vice president of our party to acting as all Americans.” Calling on his party to “act as Americans…not … Continue reading

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Last night, Barack Obama delivered his acceptance speech after becoming the first African-American major-party presidential nominee in the history of the United States. During his 50-minute address, the culmination of the Democratic Party’s four-day national convention in Denver, Obama promised to repair “the broken politics of Washington.” He challenged John McCain on issues at home and abroad. More combative and sharply focused, Obama addressed doubts about his readiness to lead and answered critics who say his rhetoric is vacant. Talking specifically about the changes that this country needs, he spoke … Continue reading

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If you think that the U.S. Supreme Court functions as the Founding Fathers might have envisioned it – an august body, removed from the input of ordinary Americans, part of the system of checks and balances, and impervious to the day-to-day winds of political climate change – think again. This week, the Supreme Court has come down with two decisions that are certain to lead to lively discussions and debates. Yesterday, as they struck down the District of Columbia’s right to regulate gun ownership and upheld the right of private … Continue reading

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