Who would have thought eight years ago when he was running for Vice-President on the Democratic ticket that Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman would be giving an impassioned prime-time speech in support of presumptive Presidential nominee John McCain at the Republican convention? Lieberman, transpartisan himself, praised maverick McCain for reaching across the aisle time and again to forge bipartisan accords between Independents, Democrats and Republicans in an effort to improve government for all Americans. Speaking directly to the undecided voters at home, he urged them to support McCain, casting him as a seasoned and principled candidate. Calling McCain his own man, Lieberman reminded voters that they knew him and could trust him.

With the theme of the Republican convention being “Country First,” prime-time speaker former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson eloquently highlighted John McCain’s record of service to his country as a Naval flier, prisoner of war and Senator. After relating the grueling story of McCain’s torture and imprisonment, Thompson said, “John McCain’s bones may have been broken but his spirit never was. Now, being a POW certainly doesn’t qualify anyone to be president. But it does reveal character.” Thompson described McCain’s character as embodying the traits the country needs in a President: strength, wisdom, courage, determination, honor, service to country.

Both speakers agreed that reformer John McCain was the experienced candidate who could actually bring about change in Washington as he had in the past. As you deal with your own personal and family challenges, what helps you make the changes you need? Do you find that cooperation and compromise are essential as a Sandwiched Boomer tackling the difficult problems confronting you as you care for your growing children and aging parents? Serving as chief executive of your family in flux, you may find that your experience gives you greater insight into the election process this fall.

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