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Want Halloween Treats Instead of Tricks?

On Halloween, you don’t have to dress up as a member of the Sandwich Generation – you likely already have that frazzled look about you. Caring for parents growing older and kids growing up can lead to stress and, in crisis, even depression. See if these practical insights can help with your negative emotions: Knowledge is power. Gather information about ways to deal with how you are feeling – explore Internet search engines and sites or the self-help section of your local bookstore. And talk with friends and family who … Continue reading

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How to Exorcise Ghosts from the Past

Although Halloween today revolves around trick-or-treating and costume parties, in the past masks were worn to placate the evil spirits. You may not believe in witches and goblins, but when was the last time you thought seriously about ghosts that haunt you? Your thoughts are mental products although they don’t necessarily reflect an absolute reality. However, for you, they do represent how you feel. The bad feelings you have may be due to normal temperament, stress overload, situational sadness or even clinical depression. Did you know that 1 in 4 … Continue reading

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In the midst of the serious issues Americans have been facing – financial turmoil, domestic violence, contentious elections, weather-related disasters, economic downturn, family pressures – along comes a holiday that allows – even encourages – us to ease up and have some fun. Halloween isn’t just for the kids – it’s for you too. Let yourself enjoy the playful silliness of the day and evening. As a Sandwiched Boomer, usually bogged down by the responsibilities of caring for growing children and aging parents, grab the opportunity to set aside some … Continue reading

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With Halloween just around the corner, who would you want to be? What costume would you wear? What would your mask reflect? How would you act – and how is that different from how you usually are? Who said Halloween is just for children – bring out the kid in you and do something playful. As a member of the Sandwich Generation, you deserve to treat youself to a special day.

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