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PART 5 – Thelma and Her Daughter Together

In years to come, Joanna never said a word to her mother about the incident, even though she did marry Clive. At the wedding Thelma vowed sobriety to herself so strictly that she ended up completely plastered by nine in the evening, lying in the arms of a man dressed in a green suit, who suggested that they engage in lewd acts in the back seat of his Toyota. The marriage lasted just under a year. Joanna could not find a job as a professor and so became a real … Continue reading

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PART 3 – Thelma’s Drinking

“Clive, what the hell you mean, it’s got to be Clyde, I’m tellin’ you definitely. It’s Clyde,” Rafe pronounced, “Rafe, I do think you might admit that my own daughter knows the name of her fiancĂ© better than you do.” “Hell she do, you don’t know, he could be shittin’ her. It’s Clyde.” Rafe, Ginny and Thelma were bound together by dreams, by the concentrations and obsessions of the gambler. Rarely did their conversation include anything external to those dreams. “It is Clive Huntley, I’m telling you.” “It sounds like … Continue reading

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PART 2 – Thelma’s Daughter Reads Poetry

Thelma walked solemnly up the stone steps leading to the grey, vine covered building that looked like a castle. Inside, people swarmed about, chatting, filling glasses of wine for each other. Thelma stopped a moment, until she spotted Joanna deep in conversation with a man who reminded her of Humpty Dumpty. Hell, she said to herself, I do know poetry after all. Joanna turned and waved, excusing herself from the fat man. “Oh, mother, I’m so glad you came. I know this isn’t your sort of thing, but I’m very … Continue reading

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