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Teens Helping Each Other

We heard from a reader about a website that supports teen action. Check out www.dosomething.org/abuse, to see a video that’s a response by teenagers to the Rihanna/Chris Brown problem. The media continues to be on top of this issue and a spokeswoman on TV earlier this week sent a clear message to young people – this is about you and you need to separate the issue from the celebrities – look at the bigger picture. Violence is not normal or acceptable and you have to take responsibility for yourself. As … Continue reading

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With the school year over and the camp season about to begin, this week in-between is perfect for three generational family vacations. We figured it’s a good time for us to focus on what is known as the Club Sandwich Generation. As the offspring of Baby Boomers marry and start their own families, the responsibilities of the Sandwich Generation grow. You’re already in the middle of your family in flux – squeezed between children growing up and parents growing older. Now another layer is added, the grandchildren. The sandwich is … Continue reading

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