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Investors in Wall Street were more optimistic yesterday as the buying pressure pushed the market up over 900 points, the largest one-day gain ever. Nevertheless, uncertainty about the current state of the economy continues to weigh on Sandwiched Boomers. Today we share more stories from readers who are looking for direction. Barbara writes that she is concerned about making a career change in these uncertain times. She tries to gather information from people who work in the field she is interested in pursuing and she relies on her friends for … Continue reading

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We want to welcome Carolyn Howard-Johnson to our blog today. She is the author of a novel, “This is the Place” and a collection of poetry, “Tracings.” Her series of nitty, gritty how-to books include “The Frugal Book Promoter” and “the Frugal Book Editor.”Q: Carolyn, we understand that your writing career didn’t begin until mid-life. Looking back, what was it like for women in the 1950’s and ’60s? A: Sometimes the big barriers in life aren’t abject poverty, dreaded disease or death. Sometimes it’s the subtle ones set upon us … Continue reading

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What’s the old saying – if you don’t know where you are, you don’t know where you’re going? Being comfortable in your relationship feels awfully good – but functioning on automatic pilot can get you into trouble. For some couples in the Sandwich Generation, the impetus to examine their partnership comes from the different energies that each wants to invest in family, career or leisure. Don is torn between his own needs and those of his wife: “We’re at different junctures right now.She worked part-time in nursing when our children … Continue reading

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Have you or your partner gone through a mid-life career change? When you’re not on the same page about the significance of work, it can impact your relationship. It brings up issues around the division of labor – such as who assumes responsibility for daily chores and who controls the major decisions. Maybe you are once again struggling about who manages the checkbook and who does the laundry, just like you did early in your marriage. When one of you has been diagnosed with an illness, either acute or chronic, … Continue reading

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