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How to Take Steps Toward a Career Change

If you’re a member of the sandwich generation and thinking about changing your career, Caryn FitzGerald, our guest blogger this week, has some tips for you. On our Monday post, Caryn asked you whether you want to break free from the corporate world and live the life of your dreams. Here’s what she has to say about that. “The answer is simple, follow your heart and don’t allow yourself to give up. 1. Ask yourself what is your true passion? What really makes your heart skip a beat or your … Continue reading

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Career Change Questions Answered

We began this week with a look at what it takes to make a career change and how your passions, skills and resources can help you succeed as you work through the process. In this economy, where job losses are especially prevalent, it’s wise to give some thought to planning for modifications in how you spend your day. You may want to sign up for classes from your local community college to help with your career changes. On Wednesday, were pleased to welcome Teresa Burrell, author of The Advocate’s Betrayal … Continue reading

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Teresa Burrell author of The Advocate’s Betrayal

Today we welcome attorney and author Teresa Burrell to our blog for a Virtual Book Tour. Her second mystery, The Advocate’s Betrayal, centers on female sleuth Sabre Brown, a legal advocate for children, who is faced with solving the murder of a close friend. Teresa herself has practiced law, both in her own private office and also in juvenile court, representing abused minors as well as juvenile delinquents. She’s put in countless hours doing pro bono work with children and their families and earlier worked as a teacher. NR: I … Continue reading

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Thinking About a Career Change?

This week we’ll be hosting a virtual book tour with Teresa Burrell, an author who has worked at several different jobs and has also enjoyed careers as an attorney and a teacher. She’s not alone in her journey. According to a national longitudinal study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, baby boomers in the workforce tend to have an average of about 11 different jobsduring the first 25 years of their productive work time. Although the conventional wisdom has been that people change careers today somewhere between 3 and … Continue reading

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