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Millennials and Tax Day

It’s that time of year again – Tax Day – and even though the economy is improving, it still feels like Uncle Sam is taking a big bite out of our income. We’re all given a few extra days to file and pay this year since Emancipation Day falls on April 15 but nonetheless we recognize the fiscal challenges Americans are still facing. I remember when one of our sons got his first paycheck for a summer job while he was in high school. He came home with it and … Continue reading

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Emotional Intimacy on Valentine’s Day

You may be overwhelmed with adult children-teenage Millennials or Boomerang Kids-living at home. And perhaps Valentine’s Day feels like just one more responsibility you have to take care of. Are you trying to balance your personal life, work and family with little choice but to leave your love relationship on the back burner? Busy people under pressure often hurt the ones they love. These are not ideal circumstances as we approach the most romantic day of the year. For some, February 14th is filled with expectations: thoughts of lavish gifts, … Continue reading

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