Moving through Menopause

Menopause-Flower-With-Message2Life is full of changes. And menopause is just one of these normal transitions.  You may be in for a bumpy ride, challenged by physical and emotional symptoms. But this is a natural part of every woman’s life. Menopause is not an illness, and there are ways that you can manage:

Hot flashes – dress in layers, sleep in a cool room, and avoid alcohol & spicy foods.

Sleep disturbances– physical exercise, create a bedtime routine,
 relaxation and deep 

Memory issues– simplify your environment, make lists, concentrate on one thing at a time, carefully review new information, meditate to
reduce stress.

Mood swings – keep a journal, talk to friends who understand, focus on the positives, give to yourself, consult a
mental health professional.

Think about some of these questions. How does change provide freedom to move in new directions?  What will you leave behind? How are your roles different? What possibilities are open to you? How will you pursue these?

Your attitude matters. With the vital roles women play and how long we live, it’s hard to equate menopause with ‘old.’ Our menses may ‘pause,’ but it’s not all downhill. As we come out the other side, we have years ahead that some say are the best ones yet.

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