Stress and Sandwich Generation Moms

sandwich-generation-2007-smWomen in the sandwich generation, squeezed between parents growing older and kids growing up, often feel like a trapeze artist on a tightrope. According to research findings, this group of moms experience more stress than any other cohort.

Do you think this applies to your life? It does if you’re often frustrated and irritable, having physical symptoms, anxious or worried about getting it all done, tired but not sleeping well, neglecting your own needs.

As we struggle to balance work life with caring for family and taking care of ourselves, a high level of stress takes a toll on relationships and well-being. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, there’s no better time than now to get our stress under control:

What are your specific stressors? Identify the situations and circumstances that make you feel like it’s hard to breathe. Who and what are the major challenges – teens, parents, boomerang kids, a health crisis, work issues, financial concerns.

Why do they have such a negative impact? Your attitude and behavior may be getting in the way. You’ll cope better if you try to shift your perspective. Prioritize what is important and delegate chores to your parents and kids. Learn how to say no to nonessentials. And find ways for others, perhaps caregivers, to lighten your load so you can take a break.

How can you better manage your stress? Remember to pay attention to your health by getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, making time for yourself, relying on a strong support system. Pencil in regular stress-reducing activities – a short walk, lunch with friends, yoga or meditation. You deserve it.

Mothers often put family needs first and neglect themselves. Instead, let’s commit to better stress management and be the poster moms for our families. None of us want burnout, especially on Mother’s Day. So log on here Thursday for insight and ideas about how families can nurture mom on her special day.



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