Digital Detox and Beautiful Sunsets


Imagine two weeks without an iPhone, Google maps, or conversing in 140 characters. Do you think you’d feel cut off or perhaps be relieved? Maybe it will allow you more time to reflect, come up with novel ideas, or even express yourself verbally. I’m ready to separate my work and personal life. I want to have less stress about my inbox, clear my mind, and experience more personal conversations.

As the constant flow of receiving, processing and sending information has become a reality, the trend of vacations from digital technology has emerged. But if you can’t take the time or afford a trip, there are closer to home experiences – local weekend retreats or even single evening events.  At any of these venues, you surrender your devices, learn relaxation techniques and re-evaluate your relationship with technology. You can even go ‘cold turkey’ and reformat your personal hard drive yourself.

Just think about the benefits of a different mindset and more balance to your life.

Create new rituals The notion of a part of one day in every weekend reserved for relaxation, family or reflection has become more important than ever.

Limit extraneous information Have an internal conversation. Access your strengths and dreams as you look for perspective and answers within.

Consider your priorities Enjoy a face to face meeting or business lunch instead of a webinar. Make a commitment to no texting during family time.

Regulate your schedule Allocate blocks of time in each work day when you step away from the computer – have a cup of tea, talk to a friend, take a walk.

Seek solitude Breathe. Then drop your thoughts into the space between breaths and steer your mind away from constant stimulation.

When you stop focusing on status updates, you can reconnect with what you really care about. Think about what’s holding you back from living the life you want and begin to pursue what’s right for you.

I’m as attached to my digital devices as my grandsons were to their pacifiers. And I’m trying to put my electronic devices to bed earlier. It’s not easy to change entrenched patterns, but it’s not impossible either. Like last night – I logged off my computer and went outside to enjoy this fabulous sunset. Why don’t you think about it too – and tell us how you plan to unplug.

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