President Obama, Survivors of Sandy and Making a Fresh Start

President Obama, in his acceptance speech, talked about building bridges to tackle our nation’s problems. The survivors of Superstorm Sandy also face complicated challenges as they begin to rebuild their communities. When life is difficult and it’s hard to cope, we have to dig deep to find personal strength:

It takes time to revitalize. Solitude itself provides a chance to rejuvenate emotionally. In the few free moments you do have, find what feels relaxing and brings you pleasure – listen to music that stirs your soul or curl up with a book that engages your fantasies. Attend to your mind and spirit through your own form of meditation, deep breathing techniques, or a yoga practice. Every night, before you go to bed, write down what you have to look forward to and what is good in your life.

Increase your resilience. It’s not easy to maintain a sense of optimism under trying circumstances. But you can recover after a crisis or still thrive in the face of adversity. Take better care of your body through exercise, healthy nutrition and proper rest as you develop effective stress relievers. Find solace in those close to you and call on your faith or spirituality. You may find that you have deeper reserves of courage than you realize.

No matter what we do, there are powerful and threatening forces beyond our control. The heroic efforts of rescuers and the leadership of government are crucial to helping survivors regain trust. When we recommit to personal and spiritual values, we find the strength and hope to build a better and safer world for ourselves and for future generations.

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