Tracking Progress in Your 2010 New Year’s Resolutions

Four successive views of farmer growing line graph plant

Today we give you our final tips to help you keep your 2010 New Year’s resolutions.

Give yourself credit for what you are accomplishing. You deserve rewards all along the way – for making the decision to change, for taking the first step, for achieving each objective. Acknowledge the difficulty of your mission and congratulate yourself when you reach your goal.

Accept that you are not perfect and that you will fail sometimes. Your path with likely not be a straight line, rather one with several ups and downs. Make a Plan B to use when you can’t proceed as you originally intended. Don’t be defeated by your slip-ups. They are not a reason to give up on yourself or your goal. Instead, get back on track and think about what you have learned from your mistakes.

You have been working to accomplish the goals you set for yourself in 2010. Click on title above to take you to a article, How to Inventory Your Assets. It will help you focus on your personal strengths and the resources that help you move forward.

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