Staycations Going Green

Today we have another set of pictures highlighting things to do on a family staycation. Here a grandmother talks about why these pictures are important to her:

“Although I’m not a golfer myself, recently I got to “caddy” for my young grandson when he and my son played golf on a par three course. It was great getting to see the two of them interact away from the rest of the family. I can see that sometimes it is hard for my son to give each of his children the special individual time that he would like. Everyone in the family is so busy – with work, chores around the house, homework, personal needs, family togetherness – that there’s not much time and energy left for personal attention. So I took pleasure being the fly on the wall – or, I guess the fly in the air since we were outside – while they enjoyed the day and each other.

Of course a second benefit for me was that the scenery was gorgeous. It was a wonderful and peaceful way to spend the day outside in the fresh air – and better exercise than walking on the treadmill!”

To learn more about how to take a meaningful staycation with your family, click on the post title above. It takes you to our website, and an article in our Nourishing Relationships Library, 6 Tips for Sandwiched Boomers Planning Summer Staycations.

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