Staycations and Vacations

All week we have been focusing on how Sandwiched Boomers and others can keep down the costs of a summer vacation by taking a home-centered “Staycation.” With the funds you save by not taking a full-blown family vacation, you can add in some more expensive side trips. You can visit a theme park, if there is one near you. Pack in as much as you can for a fun filled time – rides, shows, food, shopping.

Or visit a zoo, aquarium or water park that offers shows for the kids. They’ll learn first hand about the habitats and lifestyles of many species.

You can drive to a lake or the ocean and can spend a day or two with the family enjoying the vastness of the waterscape, the warmth of the sand, the sound of the waves crashing, the smell of sunscreen, the open blue sky.

Or drive to the hills or mountains for full days of hiking and camping in the simple beauty of nature. Park Rangers may be available to give you all informative talks about the flora and fauna you are seeing.

Put yourself in the picture. To read more about how Sandwiched Boomers can plan special vacations with all three generations, click on the title above to take you to our website, and our article, “Creating Special Family Vacations for the Sandwich Generation.”

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