Staycations Tips for Grown-Ups

Yesterday we looked at staycation ideas you can enjoy with the whole family. Most of them work just as well for you alone – visiting museums, libraries, community events or enjoying the great outdoors. Here are some additional ideas, just for grown-ups.

See a local theater production. Community playhouses often have revivals of classics, musicals or innovative avant guard shows. You can explore small theaters in your city or line up for rush, discounted tickets at the more well-established ones.

Create a summer book club. Talk with some friends who also love to read about setting up your own book club. You can pick “beach books” for the summer, decide to re-read some classics, choose best-selling non-fiction, select beautifully written novels or settle on award-winning titles. The choice is up to you. Your weekly or monthly discussion groups will be interesting and fun for everyone.

Schedule potluck evenings with your friends. Everyone can pitch in with the food preparation to keep down the costs and create a diverse menu. Bring the recipes to share and you’ve each got new dinner ideas to use during the coming year. Capping off your dinner parties with group games will keep your friends in a good mood.

Look for public tours of civic buildings and corporate businesses. Educational tours of government offices and companies are sometimes available in the summer. You can view beautiful art work and even learn about what goes on behind usually-closed doors.

Start a new hobby. Summer might be just the right time to finally get going on that new interest that has been percolating on the back burner. Have you wanted to start a family tree? Now, take the time to get on the Internet and start researching. Organize your snapshots? Get out those photos and arrange them in an attractive scrapbook or e-book. Learn about the universe and star gazing? Visit a planetarium or observatory – or the library.

Book a romantic getaway. Schedule a joint massage for you and your partner at a local spa. Take a day cruise or a short train ride – just you two. Splurge and stay at a nearby bed and breakfast. You’ll find that the time alone refreshes your relationship as well as yourselves.

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