Now that summer is officially one-half over, have you been putting more thought into how to handle you summer vacation? With the high price of gasoline, are you thinking of canceling your vacation trip?

This year more and more Sandwiched Boomers are reducing their carbon footprint by taking “staycations” with their families. Why drive to a resort when there are community swimming pools around the corner? Why plan a remote getaway when you can relax in the beauty and serenity near you? You don’t need to travel to the city for excitement when you can create your own at home.

Gasoline prices are edging toward five dollars a gallon and the hassle and expense of air travel is increasing. Families saddled with the economic and emotional costs of caring for growing children and aging parents are saving money and energy by vacationing at home this year.

But are you wondering how to make it a real vacation and not one long list of chores to do and obligations around the house? This week, we’ll be giving you suggestions about planning your own perfect staycation. And if you have already taken yours, share your experiences with the rest of us. Read the tips, put them into action and you’ll return from your staycation refreshed, recharged and reconnected to your family.

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