How often do you give yourself a gift? As a Sandwiched Boomer, you owe it to yourself to plan ways to increase your self-fullness. What present would give you some pleasure? Here are some ideas:

Develop personal stress relievers to counteract the burnout that at times overwhelms you. Practice techniques of deep breathing, relaxation or your own form of meditation. Begin an exercise program that you will enjoy – commit to a schedule at the gym or take in the great outdoors, walking with a friend, biking in the neighborhood, hiking in the countryside on weekends.

Give yourself the gift of laughter – look for humor in your daily life, share a funny movie or television show with a friend, participate in activities that bring you joy. After you read the news section of your daily paper, turn to the Comics page to lighten your mood and release endorphins. Recent studies have found that a positive mood creates the atmosphere for better decision-making.

As a member of the Sandwich Generation, its up to you to make time for yourself the same way you manage to care for all of those around you. Tomorrow we’ll look at how you can get some help in this process.

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