Your emotions will likely come into play as you deal with the complexities of being a Sandwiched Boomer. Pay attention to your moods as you work to express and cope with those feelings.

Guilt runs rampant among Sandwich Generation caregivers who often worry that they’re not doing enough for their loved ones. Remind yourself that you’re dancing as fast as you can, given the realities of your life situation. You don’t have to be the perfect mother, daughter, or wife. Set your own reasonable standards rather than falling in the trap of trying to live up to others’ expectations.

Work to release additional areas of negativity – both in thought and emotions. When you are afraid of what the future holds in store or angry about what you need to cope with on a daily basis, acknowledge these as normal reactions and accept that they will come and go. Your frustrations and resentments make up part of the tapestry of your life but they need not be in the forefront. Once you understand that they are common responses to a difficult situation, you will find it easier to let them recede.

As you free yourself from negative feelings, begin to replace them with a more positive attitude. In your journal, write about what you are grateful for in your life. End each evening by reviewing three pleasant things that happened that day and savor the warmth these memories generate. Let your creativity emerge as you explore new interests.

As you recognize how your emotions affect you, begin to institute new ways to achieve more self-fullness. Tomorrow we will address some gifts you can give yourself to lighten the load.

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