There have been non-stop tributes to Tim Russert – from erudite political friends to strangers traveling long distances to pay their respects. He was the toughest interviewer in broadcast journalism and few had come even close to rattling him. He clearly understood how the media game is played. Because he knew an awful lot more, this week we’ll be talking about what you and other Sandwiched Boomers can learn from his legacy and apply to your life.

He knew how to be a good son, father and husband. Tim Russert loved his family and told them so on a regular basis. Placing great value on parenting, he walked the walk. He made certain, above all, that his son was a priority. As knowledge is power, try to better understand the transitions that your own family in flux is going through now. Gather more information about how to manage change from the Internet’s search engines and the self-help section of your local bookstore. Talk to friends and family whose opinions you respect and who have gone through similar experiences. It’s an opportunity to get realistic feedback and some concrete advice.

Tomorrow we’ll look at additional messages Tim Russert communicated throughout his life.

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