Does it matter that Hillary Clinton’s track record includes her being a member of the Sandwich Generation? Campaigning last week in Pennsylvania, she stood between her 88 year old mother and 28 year old daughter. While renewing her efforts to engage women voters, she was also personalizing the issues for Sandwiched Boomers facing the demands of parents and children. Do you think her experiences increase the likelihood of her being more sensitive to your concerns?

Clinton’s agenda does include efforts to ease the burdens on women who are struggling to balance the practical and financial demands of work and family. Her plan for caregivers includes a tax credit, stepped-up support for unpaid family caregivers, paid family leave by 2016, guaranteed access to sick days and increased support for child care.

Gloria Steinem, one of the founders of the feminist movement, thinks that a redefinition of work needs to take place. As caregiving is 30% of productive labor, a monetary value should be attributed to this work. Do you share her vision that women working together can impact society and make a difference? Why don’t you share your thoughts with other readers.

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