It has been six weeks since the last Democratic primary in Mississippi. As Sandwiched Boomers, you know what can happen when the stakes are high. Much like in arguments you may have with aging parents, growing children and partners, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have gone on the offensive. And Clinton’s attacks have had an effect. Obama has put aside his role as a reformer, focused on change, in order to get nasty too.

Emotions are high with the country on the edge of deciding whether Obama will be the next Democratic presidential candidate. Although the polls show that Clinton is up by 5%, if she doesn’t win by double digits on Tuesday there will be pressure from the party for her to stop her campaign.

What is the present conflict you are dealing with in your family relationships: Is it time for your Dad to stop driving but he refuses to listen to your rationale? Do you want your boomerang daughter to commit to some house rules without wanting it all her way? Is the discussion with your husband about how to spend your tax return going nowhere?

Think about when you usually pull out all the stopppers in order to win an argument. Evaluate the skills and resources that are to your advantage at these times.

How does it feel to go against your nature so that you can come out on top? What most often works to win the hearts and minds of those who are most important to you? And do you always know when it’s time to let it go?

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