As Sandwiched Boomers, you days are often filled with things you have to do for others. Now set aside some time to accomplish something for yourself – it will also enrich the lives of your loved ones. Patrika Vaughn has shared with us her tool for creating family histories – an audio-tape providing a step-by-step guide. On her tapes of “How to Write Your Own Life Story,” she outlines some tips:

*Talk with your parents and record their memories on paper, audio cassette or video tape.

*Visit other relatives and get their recollections about life in days past.

*Take photos of living relatives, old homes where they lived, the cemeteries where ancestors are buried. Search old photo albums for snapshots of other relatives.

*Don’t rely solely on your memory as your parents and relatives relate their stories of younger years. Write down or put on tape what they tell you.

*Go through any old letters you might have saved from your parents and relatives, as well as those you’ve written them. These will give you insight into common everyday events that most everyone has forgotten.

*Go to the cemeteries where your ancestors are buried and jot down the dates and names for your family tree.”

Once you have completed your family’s history, you can publish it to keep your memories alive:

“You may want to collect this history solely as a family record for yourself and your children. Or you might desire to have it printed in booklet form for family and any others who are interested in what your family has done. Nowadays, with desktop publishing programs, you even can publish the family history yourself, without having to take it to a printer.

Family histories are fascinating. Don’t let yours be forgotten because someone neglected to write down the tales of yesteryear and record the family tree. If you don’t do this now, some day you may say, ‘I wish I’d written all that information down for my children and future generations.'”

Our thanks to PatrikaVaughn for bringing this resource to our attention. You can find her audiobook and others, plus online classes and consulting services, on her website:

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