As the Presidential primaries continue their drive to Super Tuesday and beyond, the emphasis in Florida has shifted to the economy. With both the stock market and interest rates in a decline, Baby Boomers’ retirement investments are being hit from both ends. When you are in the Sandwiched Generation, caring for aging parents and growing children, the effects of a slowing economy may have an even more dramatic effect on your financial situation.

Polls in Florida have indicated that the economy is the number one issue to voters there. Consequently, Romney has stressed his successful background in the private sector, Giuliani his results with the New York City budget when he was mayor, McCain his integrity as a straight talker, Clinton her stimulus plan and Obama his promise of change.

Have the candidates addressed this issue to your liking? Take a look at each one’s background, history and program for the future to decide whom can best serve your needs. This is the time to consider, among other things, your financial security as you recognize the importance of caring for your self. It’s up to you to let your voice be heard.

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