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More Millennials Are Back Home

It’s June – do you know where your Millennial is? You do if your daughter has moved back in after college graduation or your son has returned home to live after losing his first job. And that’s the situation for over 30% of 18- to 34-year-olds – more than those living with a romantic partner. Recently, the Pew Research Center released their newest report highlighting the situation for Boomerang Kids, particularly the large number of young men in this age group. What has been driving this trend? Although some pundits … Continue reading

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Moms of Boomerang Kids Speak Up

Like 20 million other Millennials, has your adult child moved home? If so, we hope to hear from you about your experiences. We’ve been collecting stories from other parents about the joys and challenges of having their young adults back in the family nest. We have a short survey available for you to complete. You can also share the link with someone you know who has a “boomerang kid” back home. Simply CLICK HERE for the survey link to answer the questions and provide us with your comments. In return … Continue reading

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Millennial Voters

Millennials are actively engaged in the 2016 Presidential primaries on both sides of the aisle, driven by issues that are important to them. Those who are Democrats are supporting Bernie Sanders in significant numbers and polls show that high numbers of young adult Republicans are in favor of Donald Trump. What will be the significance of these preferences in the final election figures? It’s too early to tell – but Millennials eligible to vote will make up 30% of the electorate this year, having an impact potentially equal to that … Continue reading

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