Moms of Boomerang Kids Speak Up

Survey c63472fe-0aa2-4693-b72d-09acf59afe8cLike 20 million other Millennials, has your adult child moved home? If so, we hope to hear from you about your experiences. We’ve been collecting stories from other parents about the joys and challenges of having their young adults back in the family nest. We have a short survey available for you to complete. You can also share the link with someone you know who has a “boomerang kid” back home. Simply CLICK HERE for the survey link to answer the questions and provide us with your comments. In return for taking the survey, you’ll have the opportunity to receive a complimentary PDF copy of our book, Whose Couch Is It Anyway? Moving Your Millennial.

What brought your Millennial back? So far, we’ve found that the move home may include: convenience; saving money; illness; decision-making about further schooling or a job; student loan debt; difficulty supporting oneself; substance abuse. Before their adult child’s return, many parents prepare in order to make the transition work better for everyone. Did you discuss your expectations or write ground rules of the house? Have you set a move out date or worked on an exit strategy with your son or daughter?

Connecting with other parents of boomerang kids can be empowering. Many often cite benefits having their young adults back home: companionship; help with errands, heavier chores and responsibilities; deepening their relationship; observing their children as adults.

Most parents agree that there are also challenges in the arrangements, both emotional and financial: private time and space can be rare; logistics of schedules and meals are complicated; boundaries may be crossed; communications are sometimes difficult; the tension between holding on and letting go intensifies; power plays may ensue; household expenses generally increase.

Are there insights you want to pass on to other parents? In the survey, you’ll have an opportunity to share your own experiences as well as comment on what you’ve learned.

If you would like to add your feedback to others, please CLICK HERE for the survey link and join in. Feel free to forward the link to friends you may know whose adult children have moved back home, even if they are now back on their own again. Thank you!

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