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Elections and Giveaways

In case you don’t have a TV, haven’t been picking up your mail for the past several weeks, and have screened your phone to ignore automatic dials – there’s a U.S. election tomorrow! Pundits on both sides have agreed that great changes in the House, the Senate and the Governors’ mansions are likely – the only question is how considerable those changes will be. If you’d like your opinion to be considered, be sure to get to the polls in time to have your vote counted. Women’s suffrage was established … Continue reading

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Despite the anticipation around Super Tuesday, the results are inconclusive – there is still no clear candidate from either party. Yet they all remain energized and committed to clarifying their positions. As Sandwiched Boomers, let’s continue to raise our voices in support of the issues that are important to us and our families. It wasn’t so long ago that women didn’t have the right to vote. Three cheers for all of you who took the time to get involved and plan to remain so. A reminder to tune in tomorrow … Continue reading

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