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You’re Still a Grandmother After a Divorce or Second Marriage

When you are part of the special kind of non-traditional grandparenting that is becoming more and more common today, the most important word to remember is flexibility. If you son or daughter has divorced, you might be concerned that you will lose some contact with your grandchild, especially if the situation is strained between the parents after the split. You may find that it is useful to maintain a relationship with your child’s ex in order to spend more time with your grandkids. It’s a touchy subject and you’ll find … Continue reading

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We got ahead of ourselves yesterday, so let’s back up. For the Sandwich Generation, long before the Thanksgiving meal, there’s a lot riding on family. This can create pressure for everyone. With blended families, there’s the challenge of logistics – accommodating the needs of others and still not compromising your own too much. And when family members live in different cities it’s hard to determine which is easier, going back home or having visitors on your turf. Of course, there are all the memories of holidays past coupled with the … Continue reading

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