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Living with Boomerang Kids

As we start the New Year, we wrap up this week’s blogs highlighting our suggestions in the Newsweek.com article on boomerang kids. Today we hear from a sampling of the parents and kids who commented that they have made the situation work for everyone. A parent, Ladytechie, writes, “I share an apartment with a grown son. Note the share. We split the bills. I cook dinner (by choice, it’s as much hobby with me as necessity), he does all the heavy cleaning, our bedrooms are off-limits to each other. Generally … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

We wish you and yours a very happy and healthy New Year. Tune in tomorrow as we wrap up our discussion of boomerang kids and the comments on the Newsweek.com article. And visit us often at www.HerMentorCenter.com where you can sign up for our Free Newsletter, Stepping Stones. Clicking on the title above will take you to Her Mentor Center where you can browse through the Newsletter Library and the Nourishing Relationships archives. Enjoy!

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Setting Guidelines with Boomerang Kids

Readers of the Newsweek.com article by Tina Peng on boomerang kids, “They’re Baaack,” had lots of comments about how to make the situation work for both the parents and the kids. Here are just a sampling: Headface sets the stage for a new realationship when kids move back home. “I think there should be a new set of rules involved. The kids should have to pay part of the rent/mortgage, the same for groceries, do their share of chores, etc. Any parent who lets the dynamic regress back to when … Continue reading

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Boomerang Kids

Many of the comments to the article, “They’re Baack,” by Tina Peng in Newsweek.com were based on how the respondent viewed “family.” Cool, in her thirties, finds fault with Baby Boomers for “the idea of turning your back on your family for a fresh start somewhere far, far away” and continues, “most people on the planet still live in some form of an extended family.” Derrick agrees that the family should be there for their adult children, “You have created an obligation for yourself when you had kids to take … Continue reading

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