Boomerang Kids

Many of the comments to the article, “They’re Baack,” by Tina Peng in were based on how the respondent viewed “family.” Cool, in her thirties, finds fault with Baby Boomers for “the idea of turning your back on your family for a fresh start somewhere far, far away” and continues, “most people on the planet still live in some form of an extended family.” Derrick agrees that the family should be there for their adult children, “You have created an obligation for yourself when you had kids to take care of them when they need you to be there for them.” Cougar agrees, “what a shame when someone can’t count on their families in their time of need. And your responsibility is over at 18?” Ravenly, pregnant and single at age 23, moved back in with her parents and believes “family will and should always be there fore you.”

Not all of those in the younger generation agree. Summer believes “parents should take care of their kids when they are children…someone in their 20″s i not a child. The sense of entitlement in our generation is crazy sometimes.” Elistra, age 32, agrees. “what has happened that so many young people value creature comforts over freedom and independence? I’d sooner live under an overpass as to move back in with my parents.” Lakoma believes “once children leave home, their parents no longer have to take them back in. My parents kicked me out at 21 and I made my own way. I think that people want to whine because they don’t want to take responsibility for the way their lives are turning out.” Chris tells her story. “Moving back home should not be an option. I moved out when I was 18 and, yes, times got hard. Even when I lost a job, I did not move back in with my mother. It’s like my mother told me growing up, ‘Take care of your needs before your wants.'”

Speaking poignantly for the older generation, Gwen responds. “As the mother of five adult sons, I would relish having them come back home. After the sudden death of my husband, the quiet in this huge house is deafening. Home should always be a place that you can return to. The rest of the world has it right. Americans really don’t understand the concept of family.”

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