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The Sandwich Generation and Communication

As members of the time-starved Sandwich Generation, do you sometimes wonder how you’re going to get it all done? And now we’re asking you to focus on your communication with your partner. Don’t worry, these tips aren’t too hard to integrate into your bag of tricks. And in the long run it’ll help your other relationships: Limit your arguments. If the situation between the two of you is tense, small annoyances can seem bigger than before. When you argue, allowing bad feelings to fester only makes it worse. Don’t turn … Continue reading

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Relationships and Troubling Economic Times

Troubling economic times like these can take their toll on relationships. You may be worried about ending up like Brenda and Eddie, the couple in Billy Joel’s song, Scenes from an Italian Restaurant: They started to fightwhen the money got tightand they just didn’t count on the tears. But unlike Brenda and Eddie, who ‘got a divorce as a matter of course,’ that may not be an option. Many couples can’t possibly sell their home in a depressed market, pay steep lawyers’ fees or make ends meet without sharing expenses. … Continue reading

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