Relationships and Troubling Economic Times

Troubling economic times like these can take their toll on relationships. You may be worried about ending up like Brenda and Eddie, the couple in Billy Joel’s song, Scenes from an Italian Restaurant:

They started to fight
when the money got tight
and they just didn’t count on the tears.

But unlike Brenda and Eddie, who ‘got a divorce as a matter of course,’ that may not be an option. Many couples can’t possibly sell their home in a depressed market, pay steep lawyers’ fees or make ends meet without sharing expenses.

Of course, a perfect marriage would be free of financial controversy. But during this economic crisis, the reality is that you need to learn new money management skills and face tough financial decisions – while at the same time making your relationship work. Not an easy task. We’ll be sharing practical tips all week that will give you and your marriage a better chance.

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