The Sandwich Generation and Communication

As members of the time-starved Sandwich Generation, do you sometimes wonder how you’re going to get it all done? And now we’re asking you to focus on your communication with your partner. Don’t worry, these tips aren’t too hard to integrate into your bag of tricks. And in the long run it’ll help your other relationships:

Limit your arguments. If the situation between the two of you is tense, small annoyances can seem bigger than before. When you argue, allowing bad feelings to fester only makes it worse. Don’t turn your quarrel into something more or attach your reactions to another issue. Agree that you will together explore the problems in your relationship. And spend time learning about conflict resolution, direct communication and active listening skills. There’s a lot of information available through relationship workshops, on the Internet and in the self help section of the bookstore.

Begin a process of serious talking. Can’t do it alone? If you really want to work out your differences, you might consider consulting with a marital therapist or joining a couples’ support group. When you each understand more about the other’s needs and capabilities, you’ll be clearer about the compromises you have to make. Then it will be up to both of you to decide whether or not you’re willing to do the hard work. That may include efforts to change your current expectations, redefine what marriage means to you and create new goals for the relationship.

Click on the title above and read an article on about couples’ communication from the male boomer perspective. And share your ideas about what works in your relationship.

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