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What Lessons Can We Take from the TomKat Split?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are back in the news – not for Tom’s newest film or Katie’s latest shopping spree or even the size of Suri’s “high” heels, but because of their divorce proceedings. Will this become just more summer beach reading for the rest of us or can we put our own close relationships in the spotlight and work on improving them? While there’s been intense speculation about what has actually gone on between the celebrity couple, we don’t really need to know the reason for the breakup … Continue reading

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Brotherly Love and Sisterly Love

Philadelphia has been known as the city of brotherly love since William Penn first named it over 300 years ago and today one of the LOVE sculptures by Robert Indiana has a prominent place on the University of Pennsylvania campus. With two sons, four grandsons and a brother of my own, I know a little about how brothers show their love. They’re physical with each other – playing or sparring – and they compete in just about any way they can. Although they’re fiercely protective of one another from any … Continue reading

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The Month for Love

Long before it was a song, the saying was a part of our conversation – and it’s especially appropriate during February, the month of love: Love makes the world go ’round. kratuanoiy / FreeDigitalPhotos.net With all this whirling, love can make you feel off balance and dizzy. Sometimes it’s tricky to keep your personal world turning without having it spin completely out of control. With love encompassing so much of our consciousness, the focus on Valentine’s Day is usually on romantic love. Yet there are many different kinds of love … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day and Emotional Intimacy

This year we began early, focusing Monday’s post on a more satisfying Valentine’s Day. Now that February is officially here, what else can you do to set the tone for the day of love? We know how busy you are, but reading these two easy-to-use tips will only take a minute: Teerapun / FreeDigitalPhotos.net Inject humor and laughter. Lightheartedness is often the first casualty of a hectic family life. Keep fun alive by joking around, sending silly texts or using pet names. Making time to be playful and engaging with … Continue reading

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