The Month for Love

Long before it was a song, the saying was a part of our conversation – and it’s especially appropriate during February, the month of love:

Love makes the world go ’round.

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With all this whirling, love can make you feel off balance and dizzy. Sometimes it’s tricky to keep your personal world turning without having it spin completely out of control. With love encompassing so much of our consciousness, the focus on Valentine’s Day is usually on romantic love. Yet there are many different kinds of love that can help keep you grounded. This week we’ll look at some you can include in your life for the essence of love:

Love who you’re with. When Stephen Stills sang, If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with, he was thinking about affection and passion with a sexual partner. But you can achieve another kind of oneness with others in your life too. Dear friends share emotional intimacy, commitment and trust as well as a sense of playfulness. Don’t you feel loyal and loving to old friends in a way that celebrates your closeness? And family, with its roots and continuity, can provide feelings of security that allow you to open up to love. When you express gratitude to your family for what they have given you and forgive them for what they have not, you feel more connected and altruistic.

Love where you are. Whether you live in the city or countryside, the hills or flatlands, inland or along the shore, there is beauty to be found around you. As you explore more of your environment, you may find yourself drawn to the serenity of your natural surroundings or to the energy of your community. When you engage and become involved, you’ll experience the thrill and deep satisfaction that comes from a heartfelt connection. Nurturing your spirituality can also create feelings of awe and dedication that touch you emotionally.

Join us again on Wednesday when we’ll look at some additional objects of affection. Meanwhile, please share some of your own favorite people and places – those that bring a smile to your face and a flutter to your heart. Click on the comment link below and tell us what kind of love makes your world go ’round.

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