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Reconnecting at College Reunions

Celebrating Father’s Day on Sunday, I was thinking about all the men who have played such important roles in my life – my dad, husband, sons, grandsons, close male friends. We women love them and try to socialize them but do we really understand them? I’ve mused here in the past about the men in our lives and this week we’ll take another look at some of our differences. Last week, I joined my husband at his 50th college reunion and noticed how he and his old friends, many of … Continue reading

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The Month for Love

Long before it was a song, the saying was a part of our conversation – and it’s especially appropriate during February, the month of love: Love makes the world go ’round. kratuanoiy / FreeDigitalPhotos.net With all this whirling, love can make you feel off balance and dizzy. Sometimes it’s tricky to keep your personal world turning without having it spin completely out of control. With love encompassing so much of our consciousness, the focus on Valentine’s Day is usually on romantic love. Yet there are many different kinds of love … Continue reading

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