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Your Personal Health Plan is Job 1

Although “Obamacare” is now the law of the land for Americans, controversy still surrounds it. Candidates in November’s elections have widely conflicting views about its value. Next to jobs as the most import issue in races this year, the new healthcare law is determining the voting patterns of many citizens throughout the country. The uncertainties arising from which party will control the House and Senate in 2011 may leave you in a quandary about your own healthcare strategy.What can you do in the meantime? Decide on a personal health plan … Continue reading

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Now that the election process is complete, president elect Obama and Sandwiched Boomers are still faced with the enormity of the tasks that lie ahead – a deep financial crisis, two wars, terrorism and an environment in peril. Parents continue to ponder, how will I pay the mortgage and grocery bills, manage my kids’ college tuition and health insurance? In his speech Tuesday night, Obama acknowledged that ‘the climb will be steep’ – but as a people together we will get there. He made encouraging statements: I’ll listen to you, … Continue reading

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Well, Sandwiched Boomers, it’s down to the wire with election day tomorrow. There’s a buzz in the air as voters passionately discuss the critical issues – national security, health care and especially the economy. With the recent confirmation that we are definitely in a recession, the “generation between” – those facing challenges with aging parents and growing children – is coming up with creative ways of dealing with the economic downturn. One idea is having aging parents – on fixed incomes and who need more help – move in. Some … Continue reading

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In the midst of the serious issues Americans have been facing – financial turmoil, domestic violence, contentious elections, weather-related disasters, economic downturn, family pressures – along comes a holiday that allows – even encourages – us to ease up and have some fun. Halloween isn’t just for the kids – it’s for you too. Let yourself enjoy the playful silliness of the day and evening. As a Sandwiched Boomer, usually bogged down by the responsibilities of caring for growing children and aging parents, grab the opportunity to set aside some … Continue reading

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