Well, Sandwiched Boomers, it’s down to the wire with election day tomorrow. There’s a buzz in the air as voters passionately discuss the critical issues – national security, health care and especially the economy.

With the recent confirmation that we are definitely in a recession, the “generation between” – those facing challenges with aging parents and growing children – is coming up with creative ways of dealing with the economic downturn. One idea is having aging parents – on fixed incomes and who need more help – move in. Some homes are getting crowded as post college age children who can’t find a job or make ends meet boomerang back.

But is this all bad? In other cultures, family members sharing responsibilities are not considered a failure but a loyal and honorable benefit. And who said that living independently is the best solution for everyone? The barter system, where a son helps care for his grandfather in exchange for a reduction in his rent is a win/win for all, as long as independence is his ultimate goal. It makes sense that family members who are in need support each other – especially during these difficult financial times.

The economic crisis has woken people up. Apparently 30% have already voted – and the enthusiasm around the election is great for democracy. If you haven’t already, we hope you’re excited about casting your vote.

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